Blogs, blogs, blogs! – 5th November 2008

Are you bombarded by newsletters and blogs?

I have just culled more than ten I have been getting because all I get sent is recycled verbiage and most of it is promotional stuff trying to sell me information.

I am down to just a few that I think really deliver interesting valuable stuff to me. An example is Seth Godin [], this is the world’s leading marketing blog. It is daily yet it’s short, interesting, different and smart. A couple of others I get are longer yet the stuff is original and valuable. The key person wrote it rather than some marketing person copying from an old book.

Seth Godin became famous for his Permission Marketing book. This book basically says that to market effectively online, you need to get permission to market to someone. Never spam. Only market to someone as much as they give you permission to.

That’s where I am sick of most of my newsletters, especially the personal development ones AND the bigger the ‘name’ the worse they are! I did not give them permission to bombard me with five promotional newsletters for every one piece of useful information. The fact is that the big names are all over 70 years old, haven’t written new stuff for ages and their blogs are written by marketing people.

Your time is valuable. Cull your rubbish newsletters and focus your time, next year is going to be massive.


PS    If you ever think I am promoting anything over the ‘permission’ you give me, please tell me. I want you to recommend this newsletter to everyone BECAUSE it will create more business for you.

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