Did I Matter? – 2 May 2009

The greatness of a book is the impact it leaves on you.

A wonderful book on living a life of significance called Life’s Golden Ticket by Brendon Burchard where he says we will judge the success of our life by asking three key questions ‘Did I live?’ ‘Did I love?’ and ‘Did I matter?’

Great questions!

I wonder what you would tell me if I asked you ‘if you died today, did you matter to the world?’ What impact did you have?

Or did you live your life as a sheeple? [sheep-people] – humans who eat, sleep, work for no lasting purpose, amuse themselves and raise more sheeple.

I believe that that it matters to matter. Otherwise there is no purpose to life other than ‘consumption’. The challenge for most people is to do something thatactually matters, that is also within their lifestyle.

I also believe that the only proven way to transform people for the better is to help someone change their economic circumstances. You help – they change economy. All things such as education, health care, crime statistics, happiness, etc then improves.

This is why I love this industry. We have the worlds biggest and most effective system of helping people change economically. Better than schools. Better than jobs. Supportive systemised free-enterprise.

This is an industry where you can matter in the lives of people forever. Where you can truly leave a legacy.

Seize the day!


Leadership matters.

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