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A Bountiful Harvest – 28 April 2009(2)

For those in the Northern Hemisphere, you need to use your imagination on this!
Its Autumn [Fall] time in the Southern part of the world and I have just been holidaying in fruit growing area. There is nothing like seeing nature to give you inspiration and lessons on the realities of life.
Around my holiday cottage are [...]

The Beautiful Noise – 20 April 2009(0)

The Italians may call soccer the ‘beautiful game’. [I think this is only because they did not invent rugby]
In our business, we have what I call the ‘beautiful noise’.
I can walk into a conference, seminar or training and hear it. It brings goosebumps to my arms and a quiver to my spine.
For some leaders, they [...]

It Starts With Hope – 16 April 2009(2)

After years of writing newsletters on Direct Sales/Network Marketing, its time to write a blog.
My first message must be about HOPE.
Everything in our business begins with HOPE.
Whether someone wants to buy your products and/or join your business, they do so with HOPE.
You sponsor this person, prepared to invest your important time, based on HOPE.
I think [...]

We Believe in People – 16 April 2009(1)

If you asked me after a few too many glasses of wine what I really love about this business, and why I am spiritually connected forever, it would be that we give people a chance for reveal their true greatness. In a world awash with discrimination and restricted opportunities for success, we give people that [...]

The UK is Rocking!!! – 12 February 2009(1)

There is a new buzz in the networking industry. I have just experienced it in four European countries. I haven’t felt such excitement since the recession of the 1990s.
I am most excited about the UK where I ran my first open event for ages. Last night Bracknell rocked! If you were there you’d know. It was [...]

Blogs, blogs, blogs! – 5th November 2008(0)

Are you bombarded by newsletters and blogs?
I have just culled more than ten I have been getting because all I get sent is recycled verbiage and most of it is promotional stuff trying to sell me information.
I am down to just a few that I think really deliver interesting valuable stuff to me. An example is Seth Godin [], [...]