Sneeze for Success – 25 June 2009

With all this talk of ‘Pandemic’ and viral transmission, you should think of how you communicate.

Are you ’sneezing’ your opportunity or is it a snuffle blown into your sleeve?

Your job is to tell everyone about your product and business opportunity. You must not judge their response. They will either ‘catch’ your message or will be immune.

Did you know a sneeze travels at a maximum of 160km/hr [100miles/hr]!

Did you know a sneeze ‘material’ will travel to over 4 m [12 feet]?

Forget the ‘3 foot rule’! Sneeze your opportunity and see who catches you opportunity!

Carpe Diem – Sneeze the day! [get it!]


The Leadership Guy

PS    Your attitude is contagious! Don’t wait to catch a positive attitude, be a carrier!

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