The Beautiful Noise – 20 April 2009

The Italians may call soccer the ‘beautiful game’. [I think this is only because they did not invent rugby]

In our business, we have what I call the ‘beautiful noise’.

I can walk into a conference, seminar or training and hear it. It brings goosebumps to my arms and a quiver to my spine.

For some leaders, they may think I am talking about that glorious shout ‘more chairs’ which is always a sign of a growing business.

The beautiful noise is actually a ‘buzz’ that comes from excited people talking. When we get excited the pitch goes up. It creates a buzz.

You cannot manufacture ‘buzz’, people are either excited or not.

There is a buzz in our industry today. Every meeting I go to there are more excited people. It is a sign I have not seen since the 1990s. And it’s making me very excited.

What are you feeling and hearing? Do you have the buzz?

Carpe Diem – Seize this day!


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