The Fastest Possible Route to Success – 12 June 2009

What is the fastest way to success in this business?

Become a recruiting machine? Recruit 10-20 people per month will you will be a star!

Maybe yet who can do this? Is it duplicateable? Of course not.

The fastest route to success is to become a coaching machine.

The challenge for 99% of people is that don’t know how to coach properly.

If you want to master coaching register on the NEW Confident Coach Course at the NEW DSU. The new courses for Europe and Australia/NZ regions have just been launched. There are a range of LAUNCH SPECIAL OFFERS including a Special LAUNCH PRICE!

You can do this course from your own home. There are multiple live interactive tutorial sessions to ensure you NEVER miss one.

Go to

Coaching is one of the three basic skills in this business. It is the skill that makes you the big money. It is the skill that creates the free time. Learn how to do it properly!

Carpe Diem – Seize the day [or miss out on a fortune!]


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  1. All I am able to say is wow. I’ve certainly not looked at it that way, but I appreicate you posting it. I’ll continue to be a regular reader of your blog.

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