The UK is Rocking!!! – 12 February 2009

There is a new buzz in the networking industry. I have just experienced it in four European countries. I haven’t felt such excitement since the recession of the 1990s.

I am most excited about the UK where I ran my first open event for ages. Last night Bracknell rocked! If you were there you’d know. It was more than just my presentation you could feel that people in lots of different companies are majorly excited. You can smell a new boom!

Why is this significant?

Well the UK is what I call a bell-weather country. Like the USA, Japan, Australia, Taiwan. Things happen in these markets first. Others lead. Strategists like me, watch them like a hawk. They are like an industry pulse.

So let’s look at this ‘industry’ event we ran last night. It was a weekday night. In the south of England the traffic is a nightmare. The weather in the UK is horrible at the moment, snow storms and floods. Giving people lots of reasons not to turn up.
Also people have been so apathetic over the last few years. Leaders are finding it impossible to get people to book to go to any event. No matter who is speaking. Audiences are subdued.

Add to this that this event was a spur of the moment decision, launched with around 3 weeks warning YET it sells out in days, we double the room size and it sells out in a week!  Many people tried unsuccessfully to buy tickets before the event. Either their leaders didn’t act fast enough or the person still had old style ‘whatever’ attitude.

Last night the room was heaving. Nearly everyone turned up! People were buzzing. Excited, laughing. So ‘non-British!’

When people get the facts on why this industry is entering its new boom, and how to adapt their business in a recession their confidence skyrockets.

I also got two of the 10 biggest earners in the UK to relate why they were so excited. Different companies, yet similar messages. I worked with both of them in the last recession and the explosive growth created then has earned them millions in residual income. We tried to get others to understand that now is the time to give 100% all out massive action as it delivers results.

So wherever you are in the world, it’s time for action!

If you are in the UK, double, double action. I’ll be back in May with more of these seminars. Book as soon as they are announced. They will sell out faster next time.

Carpe Diem – seize the day!


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