Where are you Looking? – 11 May 2009

Many people today are worried about their situation. Financial, emotional, physical challenges. Is this you?

If it is, or you know someone, who has challenges then the best advice is to remember what you are focusing on.

A great metaphor for this is the motor racing driver going into a curve.

Like life, racing is a matter of curves. Sometimes you slide, sometimes you don’t. And if you miss the curve, sometimes you are going to hit a wall.

A great driver knows that the slide is not the problem. The problem is their focus, where do they look?

If they focus on the wall, that’s where they will drive! Also if they focus on the exit of the curve, that’s where they will naturally arrive.

As you can see the problem is not the slide in the curve, its where you are focused – the wall or the exit. A positive or a negative future.

In this recession, a lot of people are going to join our industry with real financial challenges. Problems that will have dominated every waking [and sleeping] moment of their life. And you have the joy of offering them a solution to their situation. One that can transform their life. The challenge for you is to keep their focus on the positive result.

You have to help them in ‘the slide’. To give them confidence that no matter how bad the slide, if they focus on building their business, they will emerge victorious!

I hope this metaphor helps you be a better leader.

Carpe Diem – Seize today!


Leadership Coach

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