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How coaching fits in(0)

For 60 years, 99% of networking systems were based on the process of Join – Sponsor – Train, with hopefully a little bit of Retail thrown in.
Even the ‘train’ bit was ‘a little it’ thrown in.
Yep, it was pretty much, sponsor sponsor sponsor.
I dont want to be sceptical yet thats about it.
I know [...]

What Type of Leader are You?(0)

When you evaluate your business how do you measure the performance?
Lets put leaders into groups:
1.      The Superstitious
These leaders are unfortunately in the majority. They see their network performance and ask basic questions such as: What are the sales? What is my cheque? Is it growing or not?
There is little intelligent analysis. Basically, they [...]

why do people quit?(4)

its drives leaders crazy that people should join their team and then after just a few weeks or months work quit.
what a waste of investment!
i call this the ‘activity nightmare’. the issue is that they go ‘inactive’.
it also does not seem logical.
why would they go through all that investment and then stop?
the excuses for so [...]