How coaching fits in

For 60 years, 99% of networking systems were based on the process of Join – Sponsor – Train, with hopefully a little bit of Retail thrown in.

Even the ‘train’ bit was ‘a little it’ thrown in.
Yep, it was pretty much, sponsor sponsor sponsor.
I dont want to be sceptical yet thats about it.

I know some people will cry ‘not in my team!’
Well you are an exception to the rule.

The normal concept is for coaching to fit in AFTER Sponsoring.
Logic – sponsor them then coach them.

Problem…. if dont have the basic knowledge of coaching then most people will not sponsor!

SO…Basics of coaching must go before Sponsoring
And Retail because you will met Business Prospects when you retail [makes sense?]

See Rising Star Basics –

Then you learn coaching.. problem again is that coaching has two parts…knowledge and practice.

this is why coaching does not follow Sponsoring.

You learn ‘whilst’ you are sponsoring. Because you need to master the knowledge and this takes time.

Network System of the future?

1. Join
2. Start Meeting
3. Coaching Basics
4. Retail – get customers / Sponsor / Coaching Knowledge

Lets be clear – the first times you sponsor is part of learning to sponsor!

If your system is not designed this way, you will have massive failure rates. Sorry but its true!


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