What Type of Leader are You?

When you evaluate your business how do you measure the performance?

Lets put leaders into groups:

1.      The Superstitious

These leaders are unfortunately in the majority. They see their network performance and ask basic questions such as: What are the sales? What is my cheque? Is it growing or not?

There is little intelligent analysis. Basically, they do the work [whatever they think that is] and results ‘happen’. When results don’t occur as they expect then they don’t really know why. They believe in the saying ’sh*t happens’. It is a way of living when luck, destiny and other external factors rule their life.

These are the great believers of the ‘throw mud against the wall and see what sticks!’ that is…they have no idea what determines success or not. just recruit vast numbers of people and some will, some wont…

They drive their business by emotion. They will try to compensate for their lack of understanding of what happens in their business with emotional support or lack of it.

Even when its obvious that something is wrong [as growth dies] they say ‘you just have to believe!’

I have heard these guys say [really dumb] things like ‘you don’t need an upline, just a downline’.


Why would they say this….?  Because the upline have no idea what they should be doing!

This is how stupid this saying is… if you don’t need an upline then… companies don’t need to pay commissions!

All they should pay is a one-off recruiting commission! doh!

I could go on yet you understand…

2.      The Accountant

They analyze the numbers, yet only see the numbers. They don’t understand the business behind it. YET AT LEAST they analyze the business!

They know the key products that are selling, who is performing, rank advancements, areas delivering, etc

They know WHATs happening even they don’t really know exactly WHY its happening.

3.      The Leader

They understand how their business operates and then may or may not know why.

The reason i say may not is that most systems are not based on competence so will never work properly.

These are the leaders who say when they discover 100% Success, ‘finally i found the Mission Link!’ Some weep. Some laugh. Most go…’oh thank god, I knew I wasn’t crazy!’.

These guys analyze their businesses [quantatitive analysis] AND then talk to their people [qualititative analysis], they know the strengths and weaknesses.

So what are you?

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