why do people quit?

its drives leaders crazy that people should join their team and then after just a few weeks or months work quit.
what a waste of investment!

i call this the ‘activity nightmare’. the issue is that they go ‘inactive’.

it also does not seem logical.
why would they go through all that investment and then stop?

the excuses for so many people quitting are not convincing to me..

1. people are lazy.
2. people lose ‘belief’
3. people are stupid
these would apply to some people some of the time yet not as many as quit our business.

i think we need to find out the answer.

what do you think?

4 Responses to “why do people quit?”

  1. Sven Erik says:

    Well I think you have allready sorted out this problem. Coaching is clearly the answer. And I think its important that they actualy have customers, not only recruit 4-5 distributors in the begining. Most companies do not pay much on new distributors so they do not earn enough to get confident. SE – Norway

  2. So many individuals are underappreciated and some people don’t recognize how good they have it until they lose the individual.

  3. I have a few guesses

    1.They just want to buy the kit for the extra product.
    2. Not properly coached before sponsored.
    3. Not enough support from either their personal life or the company that sponsored them

  4. Steve Montgomery says:

    Because of a lack of confidence and confusion brought about by a lack of competance coaching. How can you perform successfully in you are not competant!!! Concentrate on the learning goals first.

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