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We dont have customers!(4)

I hear it less often these days.
A leader trying to explain to me that ‘we dont have customers’, thus ‘we dont sell’. Normally followed by ‘people dont like selling’.
OK…this is how it works.
If you know people saying this, email this like…
Point 1.   if you have no customers, it means that everyone is a networker. [...]

Our biggest strength creates our biggest weakness(172)

‘Anyone can join’, we cry!
‘No discrimination’ we proudly claim.
What an AMAZING advantage we have where literally the barriers to entry and access to our biggest opportunity are so small they are irrelevant.
Not only is everyone allowed to join…. nearly everyone can create ’some’ results.
Yes, fantastic isn’t it!
Join, get a few customers, make some money!
Join, sponsor [...]

Are You an 18 Minute Leader?(1)

Tom Peters is one of the greatest ever leadership/business commentators and coaches.
In his new book he has some incredible small comments that will empower you. Watch this video and relate it you your business.