We dont have customers!

I hear it less often these days.

A leader trying to explain to me that ‘we dont have customers’, thus ‘we dont sell’. Normally followed by ‘people dont like selling’.

OK…this is how it works.

If you know people saying this, email this like…

Point 1.   if you have no customers, it means that everyone is a networker. it means that the ONLY volume comes from networker purchases.

So if the Average Purchase is 100points

And you have 100 people, then you have 10,000 points in your team!

If you earn 5%, then at 1 point = $1 = $500 -

And [they crow] its so easy!

No-one sells, everyone just gets ‘referral bonuses’

Create the ‘pipeline’ and money will follow.


If everyone has to share in 100points then the payout can only be say 40% of 100 [or the products will be outrageously over-priced and thus this is a pyramid].

Thats 40 points

OR 100 networkers x $40 = $4,000

Everyone is having to share in those $4,000

ie average income is $40!!!

The pie can ONLY 100points big

So if everyone just shared in own income then average income is $40 per month!

If you want to make more then someone has to lose!

its called a ZERO SUM GAME….every winner = equal loser

If you want someone to earn $10,000 per month then 250 must earn ZERO!

FACT – they are very simple and appeal to people

FACT – they are so easy to understand and requirements are so low [just use product] that they can be pitched quickly…hey do you get word-of-mouth bonuses cheques?

FACT – people join with such low expectations. they people dont feel like working. so they dont.

FACT – you have to sponsor so many people to earn money, people give up even faster

FACT – these programmes only work in momentum. basically, they launch, have a buzz about them, masses join, then 99.99% quit. YET the few ‘leaders’ [ha! how can you use this term here] left earn off the product orders!

These programmes that go under many names are RUBBISH!!!!

They dont work.

I could name 50 programmes. All should be restructured or have their opportunity pitches edited to say

PLEASE NOTE – The chances of you making an acceptable profit for your efforts from this programme is 1 in 500 YET it is easy to join.

I HATE these programmes.

They are like leaches on our industry all slowly sapping the credibility of our business.

The lazy people in the industry love these programmes and when they fail [99.9999% chance], they us.


its off my chest now.

What do you think?

4 Responses to “We dont have customers!”

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  2. Yes I joined one of this programs. The company is called Agel Enterprises. The products was in fact good. But very overprized. The focus was recruiting, recruiting, recriuting and just eat the products and you are qualified. They do have good leaders in that program, in fact one of the best coaches in the world. But they do not have many customers. In their own word they said 90-95 % are Team Members just eating products and recruiting others. 5 -10 % are customers, It sounds good, but as you said just a few will earn money… In fact it should be the other way around, 5-10 % Distributors and 90-95 % Customers that will use the products because they think they are giving good value… I do belive in the theory of MLM, but hard to find a company with great products at a reasonable price… And it cant be that you need 2500-5000 personal points to qualify for bonuses like some of the companies. That is also wrong. 5-10 customers and you are good. That would be great…. But still searching…..

  3. Hi Ed, this is a great post. I am new to your blog, I am part of Amway Global, which is an excellent company with track record, quality products, great support and compensation plan. I would want to be the very best in my industry. Super excited about it too. Could you give me some starting leads to where I can train myself to be better than 99 % of those people who join in business hoping that it will work.

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