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How coaching fits in(0)

For 60 years, 99% of networking systems were based on the process of Join – Sponsor – Train, with hopefully a little bit of Retail thrown in.
Even the ‘train’ bit was ‘a little it’ thrown in.
Yep, it was pretty much, sponsor sponsor sponsor.
I dont want to be sceptical yet thats about it.
I know [...]

The Fastest Possible Route to Success – 12 June 2009(1)

What is the fastest way to success in this business?
Become a recruiting machine? Recruit 10-20 people per month will you will be a star!
Maybe yet who can do this? Is it duplicateable? Of course not.
The fastest route to success is to become a coaching machine.
The challenge for 99% of people is that don’t know how [...]