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Add this to your Bucket List! – 1 July 2009(60)

The Bucket List starring Jack Nicolson and Morgan Freeman told the story of two dying men trying to complete a list of ‘things to do or experience’ before they die. It’s a bit cheesy yet enjoyable.
It did make me think though. I have started to rewrite my own list. Maybe you should as well as [...]

The Secret 2.0 – 18 June 2009(26)

If you have not heard of the Law of Attraction, you must either live under a rock or your Upline needs slapping for not introducing it to you!
The DVD/book ‘The Secret’ made the concept famous YET as the concept states ‘people have known for ages that ‘the secret’ to success is knowing what you want!’
Well [...]

The Fastest Possible Route to Success – 12 June 2009(1)

What is the fastest way to success in this business?
Become a recruiting machine? Recruit 10-20 people per month will you will be a star!
Maybe yet who can do this? Is it duplicateable? Of course not.
The fastest route to success is to become a coaching machine.
The challenge for 99% of people is that don’t know how [...]

Where are you Looking? – 11 May 2009(1)

Many people today are worried about their situation. Financial, emotional, physical challenges. Is this you?
If it is, or you know someone, who has challenges then the best advice is to remember what you are focusing on.
A great metaphor for this is the motor racing driver going into a curve.
Like life, racing is a matter of [...]

Becoming a Millionaire – 10 May 2009(1)

I know a ‘million’ is not what it used to be. In fact, there are at least ten million US$ millionaires. YET the term ‘millionaire’ still has BIG marketing appeal to most people. Maybe because many people have achieved millionaire status, it makes it more exciting to the masses because it seems more achievable.
Every business [...]

A Bountiful Harvest – 28 April 2009(2)

For those in the Northern Hemisphere, you need to use your imagination on this!
Its Autumn [Fall] time in the Southern part of the world and I have just been holidaying in fruit growing area. There is nothing like seeing nature to give you inspiration and lessons on the realities of life.
Around my holiday cottage are [...]

The Beautiful Noise – 20 April 2009(0)

The Italians may call soccer the ‘beautiful game’. [I think this is only because they did not invent rugby]
In our business, we have what I call the ‘beautiful noise’.
I can walk into a conference, seminar or training and hear it. It brings goosebumps to my arms and a quiver to my spine.
For some leaders, they [...]

It Starts With Hope – 16 April 2009(2)

After years of writing newsletters on Direct Sales/Network Marketing, its time to write a blog.
My first message must be about HOPE.
Everything in our business begins with HOPE.
Whether someone wants to buy your products and/or join your business, they do so with HOPE.
You sponsor this person, prepared to invest your important time, based on HOPE.
I think [...]